One ticket, big prizes, few participants

Raffles from 2000 people, thousands of times more likely to win than conventional raffles and lotteries

Una papeleta, grandes premios y pocos participantes

Few participants

Greater odds of winning

Live raffles before a notary

Maximum security and confidence

Active raffles

Ends in ...

5.00 €

How does it work?

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Step 3

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Most likely to win

Mi papeleta compared to other state-regulated lotteries

1 Between


millions of numbers

1 Between


millions of numbers

From 1 between



Maximum security and confidence

If you’re interested in promoting your raffle, the marketing agency Mi Papeleta only promotes raffles that are authorised by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego, their rules are public they are carried out live in front of a notary and we have the main quality seals.

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